Tuesday, March 23, 2010

now, the party don't start till i walk in.

You build me up and then break me down.

oh well... maybe i should be the one saying it.

p.s.- I like my chinese features! Sepeted eyes, hidung yang flare... ahh...love me still right?

Boys, boys, boyss.... sorry to break it up to you. But i know what i want, if i don't like what i see.. then its too bad!

Personal policy when it comes to boys:

1. If you did it once, there's always a second. Second chance? I'll pass.

2. If you can't handle it at my worst, you sure as hell don't DESERVE ME AT MY BEST!

3. Don't go controlling me and tell me what-to and what-not-to-do, its a turn off. Cause i know my limits.

4. Don't go "oh, males are the dominant ones"- I'll shove my fist up your ass! I'm not the typical girls you pick on the street.

5. Don't have expectations in me, cause i will take my time and walk on my pace. You get me??

I should actually continue this lists huh.. some of you girls with bastard boyfriends might find this a lil handy... lol!


Anyways, i am home!! And sorry mommy! I was missing when you're home for the past 2 nights. Heh... what to do! I have crazy friends...

Hiking was tiring, ut damn awesome Jane, Kent, Chong, Woh, Dib, Faz.. etc... you know me love you guys!

Shisha the next night till my parents are done waiting for me.. yvone, fab.. you guys are an ass! Oh btw, apple-orange flavour is very-the-nice.

For the past 5 nights, i have been sleeping for 2 hours and got up and proceed with all the agendas.. and now, all i want is to sleep like a log and not wake up! Tapi family i pulak akan bising... haihxx.. life. Is so awesome! *smiles*

I love my friends and family so chooo chooo soooo... the much! You wanna know why? hehehehe... cause they always make me feel like a princess and pampered when im back! All according to me! and my call, my choice.. me me me.... from the tip and bottom and side and front and back of my heart, iloveyou!
I want a movie marathon ppl! Who's up for it?? text me! *loves*