Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Never the right time to say Goodbye

cause i really don't feel the way i once feel about you.
Hey! It happens.
cause at times affection takes place, you never know what you need, so i gotta figure out what i need. Then again, Rule number 5 applies here. I take my time, my pace and do it my style. I'm sorry I am just straight forward at most things. But i mean no harm, what is there to hold on to when there is nothing there, right?
So why not just live life and take it as it is? *smiles*
Urgh... why am I even blogging early in the morning here, I think I am really losing my frigging mind. I sooooo gotta get ready now, but i'm still procrastinating here. So typical me.
The girls will kill me if im not there today, you see... i'm suppose to head to school to collect some stuffs. And at the same time, yvone, sarah, layyin..and the rest wants to see me! Hah! and I so wanna see them in their uniforms! LOL.. so it was a monday when i said yes.. im coming. Till this very moment I am still not there! Hahahaha... sometimes i laugh over stupid things. OMG.. what is wrong with me!
I think i need a dosage of My Edward before i lose my whole mind! Remember Me here i come!!!

Oh.. have i mention i love my sisters? Oh well. I very much do! 3 girls are so awesome... charlie's angels bayybehh! *loves*