Wednesday, March 3, 2010

They say, Hey there Girl, tell me what do you do.
I say, nothing but i'm damn sure it's more than what you do!
Isn't it cool when boyfriends have the thinking of Jet's song - She's A Genius.
They go, my girlfriend likes to take control, she just blows my mind! How sweet and awesome don't you think?
She only listens to the radio, to see who's alive! She knows so many pretty boys but they're all the same. Wooooh! I fall rock bottom to be having a boyfriend who accept the fact that his girlfriend is the dominant-mature-know what she's doing kinda girl. Like she flirts but still by the end of the day, donkeys... you still have your girlfriends back into your arms la. Boyfriend sekalian, stop being paranoid and over protective over your girl. Give her a break already!
What you know, is who you are.. its everything. Haha.. Get what i mean? I don't either.
Life's good, though stress is piling up... imma set my mind free tonight onwards and head back hommeeeeee soon! I need a dosage of my bitches and mummy and daddy and sist! Fuuh~
Don't kiss first, cause you'll get bit!