Monday, March 1, 2010

never gonna dance again.

I'm going old school lately, like really really into the grooooveeeeyy days. Elvis presley, cyndi lauper, heart, george michael and so on... they are so awesome and hit the damn spot. Am i turning the pages again? A whole new chapter perhaps. Which is always good, never say no to a fresh start.

I've been pms-ing like nobody's business lately, any lil thing ticks me off. In addition, i've been attending 8am classes, even Renee sais i've changed. Rah-rah.. i wanna be a cheerleader la. They seem so fun and bitchy. I wanna be a rah-rah! Why malaysian so eff up! Stupid government.

I think i'm outta my mind, dear hongseng... maybe i should really take your advice seriously, I should start dating books more for this semester rather than those testerones. I really need to catch up. Last time there's always you and the freaks to remind me to do this and that, covering my back whenever i'm in deep shite, forgetting due dates for assignments etc. Why did you ppl pamper me so much? See now! I'm all on my own.. everything i mist do it myself. Making efforts on my own sometimes feel so pointless. Like you're loving a pole, it will never love you back. Sigh.

That means!!!! No more late night and last minutes getaways with friends. No more staying up late and doodling over nothing. And contemplate over silly suggestions by my negative-influecing-knowhowtohavefun-friends. Ohh gawdddd..... can somebody just kidnap me and make my life easier. Death is easy, life is hard. Oh bella, i so get you now.

But its always the hard things that you work your ass off that matters. Don't you think?

urgh. Amanda Lee.. where the hell have you been hiding?? You have not been yourself lately have you? Stop messing around, and NUS is one of your to-do-list now! sigh.

................................................................ '

So yes world, things have been very complicating for the last few weeks, perhaps a month ago? The whole asian-brangelina thing was going on in this friiging small town. Not that i hate you malacca, i just hate the some of your unwanted tenants.

Whohonestlylooklikeindonesianunwantedmaids that was ditch away and so they were all left stranded here. Malacca would have been so much better, prolly the best state if they're not occupying the spaces here. Oh well...

i can forgive, but forgetting is a whole new different question.

with love, xx

and i miss you Yvonetan and Janetan!

You freaks. Stop bugging me and appearing in my thoughts can or not. JIOR!