Saturday, February 13, 2010

tell me if i'm INsane.

It has been long since i've been talking to Shreenath C.! I tell youuuu.... it was so good to finally have a decent talk with him... but still! It ain't enough!!! LOL... he has to go grocery shopping... i have to go see lee hong seng! Ishhh... and and... another person that i have not spoke and seen for more than 6 months! Deva sayang,..... imma call her now! Mummy.. phone bill! Watch out.. u're gonna explode! LOL... i Love being home.

Thanks darls for bringing me back. ILOVEYOU!
This morning, somehthing hit on my mind... i realised right... buddhist damn bad lo... they are such a big contributing factor to global warming. I know i know... im a damn buddhist myself... but i don feel offended at all lo.. facts hurt... but it still don't change anything right? I wanted to lecture mommy on it, but then she looks so stressed and pms-ing.. like anytime she's going to give me a piece of her mind. And so i kept all to myself, poor readers.. u guys have to suffer my blabber. LOL! Anyways... i was doing a presentation last week on global warming that;s why i'm making noise here... and right.. i sgtanding outside my house for a minute also can die dy..
Like in any second... im gonna explode... im at verge of melting... if im an ice,. no worst! I'r probably evaporfated till my last drop if im an ice. Damn i tell you... it's a lil too much heat for a human to handle. But still, ppl like you and me still on air conditioner at home like nobody's business. haih... classic case for humans.
REMEMBER! What goes around, comes back around.