Friday, February 12, 2010

You are my laughing stock.

Life's a game and it's not fair; I break thhrough rules and i don't care.
So i keep doing my own thing, walking tall with these pathetic bystanders staring.. and in me, i'll be laughing at them.
Isn't it awesome if there is someone that can change the colour of your mood ring for you, anytime and anywhere? *sighs*
Anyways, for a fact, sometimes i amuse myself by the way i handle and look on things. Like you can tell me you hate me and walk pass me and say mean things, i can just laugh at it and walk away. For a moment there it may hurt me and break me, then eventually my concious mind just grab me outta it. Isn't that cool?

God has made me well and mold me well....
You may break me, but I can Never be Defeated.

After all the things that i heard from people and animals all around me, i can still continue walking. You know what people? You should really mind your messed up life/education/social cycle/etc before catching up with mine la huh... you'd be suprised with whatever you'll see in mine. It may not be as pretty as the fairy tale. But it's fair enough for me. But i guess it will never be the same in your eyes right? You wanna know why.. lemme break it down to you. It's cause you only wanna see things the way you see it so it comforts you to actually TRY to live your life more normally and let's just say-more up to the standards la huh.
Truth hurts hun, it proves that when you review and comment and bad mouthed bout my journey, you're just being the gree-monster and take my life as a guide to live your life. What a shame... LOL!

I can be the Biggest Devil you ever knew, know and to-be-known. *beware*