Friday, December 18, 2009

Things are as calm as the calm sea now... oh ocean, sea, beach.. which so ever you are... i love the way you mengolek golek with each other and form waves. Sad but true, i love you only because of the sound and effect that your dear cousin Wave produce. Wave....
Back to the topic, guess what la... suprised call received. Knew it by the tone when spoke, what is all the conversation is all about. I am so glad thou, you're the only one that can tame that wanna be and body that is full of lies, fakeness, judgemental attitude and etc. List can go on, but hey... this ain't a complaining post, now he sees you more than what he supposed to. You... all i can say is; Watch out. Your bubble is bursting anytime soon if you don't play it safe and smart. By the end of the day, drop that attitude and please realise everything started and ended because of your own actions and words. It's the cause and effect theory. Deal with it. =)