Wednesday, December 16, 2009


can i have some of your cookies, I will spare you my pie. 
May i have the first slice? 
Guess what folks, i can finally say; CLubbing is no more my cup of tea. Kudos. 
Oh! Same goes to alcohol, except sexonthebeach. I love that shite~ 

and as you all can tell on my title above, this pic shows you.. yes! My double chin that is getting more and more obvious. Im a pity when it comes to self-image and self-realisation and self-discriminating.

You can say i see things this way: 

A halp empty glass, rather than a half full glass. Oh bother my negative-ness. 

Anyhooooo.... this fella above, which happens to fall into the category of boyfriend is bloating me up everyday. It seems to be keeping him at the happy side, whenever i eat and crave for food. Darnyoupraburajramanthan. Even now, food tickles my mind, and triggering the nerve in me to crave for food. Oooo... wrapped kebab would hit the spot right now! urgh. 

and and! He is so indian and still love idianising himself, i feel lack sometimes. LOL! Like i'm not indian enough already. lol... 

i want goodnightKiss. XX