Saturday, December 19, 2009


1. Shopping!!!!!
2. Toned my outta shaped body.. I have too much and unwanted adipose tissues in me! damn it. why cant boyyfiee control me? He should be like THIS: This will make u fat! Don't eat. I think he secretly like the fact im getting fat. Darn youuu....
3. more rest! That means sleeping early. Darn habit.
4. Convince my parents to let me bring the car down here without any conditions.
5. Figure out where to head after foundation: Melaka lagi ke nak ke Cyber?
6. Start eating healthy. That means no junk food at all time and mamak-ing.
7. Finish my darn assignments!!!! And go on with life without any headaches.
8. and secretly: I need more chinese friends. Sad betul my mmu life. I just realised i almost like, completely forgot how to write chinese characters. damn it... i started writing a few words in chinese characters last few days and i almost forgot how to write di-di (lil brother) and ba-ba (dad) in chinese character... see! Such terrible chinese girl i am... such disgrace. LOL! But then i said 'almost'.. that means i still have that chinese ohm in me.
9. I need to see my night and shining armour: Edward Cullen! =)
10. I need to know my NEEDS. Sad huh???
11. ........??????..... XX