Tuesday, November 17, 2009

no offense BUT

Fucking malaccan are so typically urghhhhh-uncivilized!!! If i may say so... like it or not, it's my fucking blog and i say what i want to say, don't like it? Fuck off! Im honestloy not in the mood to try to thing straight and take care of people's feeling, right now. I don't give a damn. Sue me la dumb!
Fuckers, just because we klang people don't act immature and delete people from their accounts and "so call" putus hubungan... pls la.. it's just virtually. Get in reality la freaks, you still gotta face the real world. I hate you. And you. So grow up you people. If unfortunately you like the way you are, then don't start comparing and asking and telling stupid stuffs to me. Fucks.