Tuesday, November 17, 2009

mat rempits

The truth hurts, lol....
To all my dear moral assignment mates, i know i have a part to contribute in this assignment... but if u know me well, i will definitely finish it without fail, but im always a last minute worker. Kudos! So, here's the thing, i have to submit to them to finalise everything. And guess what, i just finished my oart, lol... mail it to them and wal-lahh! I am at the safe side, no blames to be out on me. Ok i slept at 5am - 6am yesterday, and finally got my ass up from my bed. So excuse the babbling part of me.
You know what? i shall post up my work.
Governments should start enforcing new rules and proper facilities to facilitate and educate these racers. We always see it in news that the government will do this and will do that to help these unmannered racers. But the government need to realize that wanting something and by mentioning it is just words, actions should be taken and carried out immediately to fully aid these lost souls. If these actions were to delay, it might be too late to help these people when they permanently make street racing as their habit. Rehabilitation centres should be built, effective counseling sessions should be carried out from time to time and so on. These should be an action, not just suggestions.
Mat rempit consists of mainly the youths in the country; you don’t see adults or children riding on the street in the middle of the night. Teenagers are the ones doing this illegal street racing and you can see it framing up on each and every source of media. Youths, as everyone know, are influenced by their cycle of friends. Their identity and personality are mould by their peers, who they tend to hang out with and socialize with. Hence, it is essential and is a responsibility for every parent to know their child’s cycle of friends. Parents should know that they too play a very important role in their child’s life, recognizing their child’s real attitude can prevent them from getting involves in illegal street racers.

School is like the second venue to home for all children and youths. It’s a place where they spent more than ¼ of their time there, every weekday. Besides, schools are the main place where the youths hang out and share their time together with their friends. Schools are highly recommended to collaborate with higher authorities like the police men to catch which ever students that are involved in illegal street racing. Heavy punishments like dropping out from school should be embedded in the school’s rule in order to prevent student and youths in getting involved in illegal street racing. Such rules will than provoke them not to get involved in such activities and make them think twice in getting involve. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

Media is always known for its negative effect towards the younger generation’s mind. Inevitably, television has become the learning box for our generation, today. We can argue whether it teaches the negative or positive values, but one thing’s for sure; it is one of the main sources of education and entertainment, at the same time. Whether we are pre-schoolers or a teenager or adult or even senior citizens, we all enjoy one thing in common; and it is the television. Also known as, the entertainment industry- media. Hence, the entertainment industry can actually play a bigger role. They should realize, they can be the main culprit behind all the sins in the world or the guardian angel to educate today’s corrupted generation. Making films and publish more about the world for the illegal street racers can actually punch a hole in the youth’s head and make them realize that they are taking the wrong route for their life. Show them how they can destroy their future by participating and getting involved in illegal street racing. As they say, picture shows a thousand words. If they can’t understand the advice given in words, act it and play it out for them.

Instead of feeling threaten over these illegal street racers, we as the bystanders should take an action to provoke and teach them a lesson. We should contact the authorized officers as soon as we caught a sight of any suspected illegal street racers. The policemen will have difficulties in arresting these hooligans, as it is hard to identify them. As a bystander, whenever we are harassed by these bunches of racers, we shouldn’t be stopped and stunned by them. Instead, we should run them over and trail them off to the nearest police station. Two men are better than one man in doing this job.

6. WHY RACE ON STREET WHEN YOU CAN RACE ON TRACKS? This may sound absurd, but try thinking it in this way- we can prevent unwanted, deadly tragedies. Illegal street racing causes road accidents and the current issue is murder, as they harassed other citizens which unfortunately was caught at the same place as they are. So, think of it, if these racers cannot be stopped, why not encourage them to race on proper tracks? Besides, in this way, we can then have a little hold and control over them after some time.
It's kinda here and there, cause this is the draft, all by my own effort k... plagarism is so not my thing. XX