Wednesday, November 18, 2009

flightless bird

Honestly, i just can't wait for the New Moon, twilight saga movie to be out. I am telling you, giving you a heads up first. I can go crazy... like really out of my mind, overly erratic. So beware! And screw you freaks out there, who's alter ego which is super high, that cannot accept the fact that New Moon is so-damn good! Living in denial, is not a life idiots.

Anyhoo.... did i told you i went for a 21st birthday bash party lately? I guess not, it was Regina darling's 21st, and i met his oh-so-cute bro Elijah which is a freak in tattoos and Incubus. His the dark side. I don't mind intro him to you single chic out there. Gimme a ring.
And an extra point for this party is, Regina's party serves the BEST and im highlighting it, The Best potato salad ever on earth! Never have i ate such scrumptious and soft and crunchy yummy, finger licking potato salad ever. Haha.. after the house party, there were like alcohol freaks as the guest, so yes u're right... non stop flows of alcohol was pouring the whole nite. And need not i remind you that, there's a vast difference in between love to drink- alcoholic and being able to drink.... lol! So at home, if im not wrong there were approximately 7 bottles of white label.
After house party, head down to Pure, as usual. There seems to be a lesser choice of clubs and hang outs here. So pls bear that on mind. Pure... 3 tables booked, with 3 buckets of beers each. So you do the math.
3x3... How many buckets were there? Haha... you tell me.
Liquor then beer. Ain't it fun? Booo...
and further than that, alcohol kicks in.. and there it goes.

I heart this pic... don't you? ladies, his taken.
elijah. Ladies...


Birthday girl and I, on flaming Lamborghini.
and honestly, no more flaming for me, ever. I tawar with that shite dy. lol...

XX folks.