Saturday, November 21, 2009

u're acting like u're oh-so-debonair

okay, lately i've been pms-ing and throwing tantrums like crazy. I pity boyfiee... anyways, most of the times, well sometimes it was because of him. and some other shite random stuff that i will relate to whatever that is happening and arguing with. Okay.. don't get my point? It's ok. LOL.. i talk inversely lately.
So anyway, last few nights i was so freaking pist with some matter, and he have to come interfere and talk crappie stuff and being dumb and irritating me. I kickid him outta his room, on my laptop and started writing an essay. Freak? I know. I really don't know what got into me. Haha! So what my erratic mind says is to, post up my drafted, spontaneous, filled with anger and crappie essay here. goes...btw, it's x-rated.
Female is the word that is meant for the feminine life that is leaving on earth; Male is the word for the oh-so-masculine living beings on earth. It’s just two letters away from each other, and physically wise, female has the existence of two smart bombs hanging in front of their chest and a vagina, which males called them pussy. As for a male, they have the privilege of having a hanging-outside looking cocktail sausage, which is called the penis. Oh, before I forgot, males have the two balls, wrapped in a sagging looking, wrinkled-skin with messy pubic hair on it.

During the ancient times, females are worthless and are treated like fuck-toys. All they do is get fucked and clean up the mess the males make. I just couldn’t understand why do females get treated this way? Look through my points, and don’t missed out any and you’ll get what I mean. You see, females are the ones that get pregnant, they are the life giver, bringing those mother fucking bastards on earth. Bringing and giving them a fucking life to live. Don’t you agree? You can’t say no to that. Besides that, when the process of intercourse, for those unlucky virgins who get fucked by horny male bastards with their millions of sperm dying to meet and join with an ovum. I tell you why virgins are unlucky and I tell you why those penises love virgins. You see, when a female is still a virgin, everything is still in the brand-new order, they call it- tight. Those mother fuckers love it tight. It gives them the ultimate pleasure. They masturbate, all men do, inevitably. But, they use their bare hands to do it; when it meets a pussy, its different story altogether. The point here is, when sexual intercourse is taking place, the males get the ultimate pleasure in their whole entire life. On the other hand, the females suffer from the pain, the enlargement process of something sticking into your pussy, going back and forth. Just imagine you had a hard time shitting, constipation for instance, huge faeces comes dropping out. The pain that the female felt is probably 10 times worst than your constipation pain.

You see what I’m trying to tell you here? Why are girls being treated this way? Fucking males get all the privilege, and that is a non-arguable statement!

Now, we drop by today’s world, the treating the females like slaves are long gone. Now, even the females are more dominant than the males, thumbs up for that! But still, here’s the sad part. When females get fucked, they are looked down and are labeled as a bitch, or worst- slut. As for the mother fuckers here, fucking around is their pride and glory. They lose nothing, female loses everything. Here’s another question to ponder upon, why is it so not fair for the females? That is why, when guys suffer in whatever circumstances over a lady, it is appropriate, it is very acceptable. Haven’t we the ladies suffer enough for you guys out there? Think about it.