Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Halloween pics- updates!
I didn't really think that the guys' outfits are scary, not even for a second... hilarious thou. But after looking through at these pics. It is a little hair goosing-bumping around. Lol! Have fun.
look! I have Vampire's fangs.. scary ayy? lol~
Johnny in his mask thing and aJay in his Joker muka thingy..
The ladies in Bunny suits.
(notice there is another face beside pink bunny? Gawd know who or what is that. damn...)

Look i have horns! and Long hair. hhahaha... and my mr. Devil. (not so scary??? Look further down... *grins*)

Told you they're scary. See that thing in white beside me? Mr. Adrian mike. LOL! And we have mr. Devil and Mr. Hell Boy with us. lol!