Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i miss them.


I miss silly Verny''.. so much! She called me that day... just to tell me she's sick. And as usual, i will tease her and say she's pretending just to skip school... HAHA!

I'm a mean ass.... gosh. I miss you vern!

and guess what.... she was so happy when i said i'm staying outside, away from you... cause she can take over my whole room. Damn it. Lol! and now.. she's calling me.. asking me when coming back. Not anytime soon verny, not anytime soon.... haihsehh....

Apparently, not daddy and mummu, yet. Cause they just came down yesterday... i miss home cook food badly now, now i get what mummy and daddy say....

""you dont eat a lot now... you wait la when you stay outside""


i MISS this bitch.. damn it. I hate pictures now. I'm being freaking nostalgic.
Miss you babe.... come down with whoever..ahem, Mervyn and come see me. I need hugs and stupid jokes. I want to laugh for no reason and gossip for the sake of gossiping..

and this... my all time silly-hyper-indian galfren! Haha.. deva.. u know.. i said indian just to messed with you rite... i miss you darl.. haih... u should have came here.

Same to von as well... y'all should have come here! Damn.