Friday, June 19, 2009

principal eCO and Business maths.

I already have assignments on this two thingy! Can you believe it?
omG... i know.
I have no basics at all on economics. So here i go.... damn it.
Business maths is like additional mathematics in a way... just that everything that i've learned in 2 years time, all refreshes in the first two topics. So damn it again... i am so dead.
I need my notes, i want james tan! LOL... Thank god i brought my add maths ref here.... knew it i'll be needing it. So pandai. Cheh wahh... lmao.
And yes again, i am F.A.T.
No doubt! I can feel the chunks of ADIPOSE TISSUES forming underneath my skin. HELP.... i need to stop luring myself to thus dungeon of fatness. And the thing is, people keep bringing me good food. Darn.
Back to the topic, so you wanna know how class is like? Haha.. to kill sleepiness and layan my shocking-sendiri syndrome...
With Farah liyana... my cam-whoring babe. (kononnya paying attention)
And my one and only babe that i knew from the first day that didn't get seperated from me... so Sapi, i know. Under my foundation course, there are 20 sub-groups. Bummer!

Doing what we girls do best.

p.s. And for that, we are signing up for this- SPB club, cause they support cam whorers!! Weeeeeeeee.... in a way la. LOL!

Sigining off, heading for the camp... in campus itself. Two weeks old here, and i'm back to where i was and good at- Camping. (but of course, it'll be a total different camp that i usually attend, so wish me luck~)

With Love.