Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So they quote.

it says...
shameless photographers, sarcastic writers, state-of-the-art graphic designers, super hot girls, straight cool guys, and senseless crazy people.

So if you are any of the above catogories, you are definitely entitled to join the...


and guess what, i did. I'm joining these freakoz and whackoz, to start of my first semester... i told myself, amandaleesiuchern! You better not get involve, or maybe- Too Involve in any of this stuffs arr.... but still; I can't help it. I've been brought up that way, RC says it all.
They do have rc here though.... but rumours say that it's not that active, it's like some dead society here. Sapi sial!

So for a change, i shall participate and put my hands on other new stuffs.

eg. Yoga, Jive rock- god knows what jive rock is....
anyhooooo.... i am not a bad girl, and i quote i am Not.

Though.. as promised, i will update my
and i shall.

Okie... to start of... Orientation are the best thing that can ever happen to someone. seriously, no joke... literally the best damn thing.

Eventhough the starting part of it may be S.A.P.I and K.E.N.E sial.... but.. the outcome when you're actually becoming muka tebal, and break free- as in start talking and making friends with everyone.. and the best part is.

When the right moment comes, and you met the right cliques, you'll be like the happiest human ever lived.

So as the story goes, me... loner, sober, no one to hang out, no one to talk to.
p.s.- even when i got a bad sore throat, that whenever i speak, i feel like i thousand knives are cutting through my throat, and i can still talk. That says it all... talking is like a freaking passion that i cant live without.
And when it was the first day of orientation, no one was talking... the Orientation Committee(OC) was practically, and literally begging us to make some noise. Even a simple reply, yes or no will satisfy their ravenous for our replies.
So as i said, no one made a sound, tak mungkinlah i seorang seorang, jerit. out of 2000 over freshies, i'll be the ODD. Though it makes sense when i'm in Klang, but in here... when i was here. I was a whole new amandaleesiuchern.

But lucky for me... mummy and daddy and verny and stef was still here. So my first day ain't that bad, instead of makaning with the awkward and shy people there, i was jonker-ing.


Second day was the best. Met this Portuguese girl, Melissa Mary Monteiro.

Totally heart her name, especially- *MONTEIRO.

Had breakfast with her, at last! A human.... human.... human contact, human everything.... everyone is in need, just that nobody's dare enough to make the first move.

(conclusion: Muka Tebal is GOOD!)

Then, met Shalini the biatch.. she's just a crazeee.... mini size gal with super big eyes and love wearing eyeliners and mascara..... no joke!

She's small with a crazy package.
And damn it! There it goes.. a whole new group of crazy people.

Me, Mel, Sha and kamly. - we were so heap and high when we can make some noise after all the time of being in silence, we were

........................... (speech-more)

Even our group is known as the "Happening ones"- so that's what Sha said.

Every OC were practically eyeing on us. In the good way ok!
From that day onwards, everything just fell into places. Second day of it was the Best. The Bomb. Whatever the la.....

and when good time is here.... time seems to be flying. Damn it! One week orientation just flew like that.

I met this hottie, velove's her name. I call her Love. from Terengganu.

I met this all the time hyped up, Michelle Anne. from Penang

Monteiro, as mentioned. a malaccan.

as well as Sha babe. Nearest to mua.. Shah alam.
Kamly, the quiet and mature one.

(i need her pic)

To the OCs... so totally enjoyed the time spent, no doubt. And i can so definitely say that again, anytime, anywhere. We love you. Thx for giving us an awesome, memorable, never-will-we-get-this-again-time.

Salution. Standing ovation... kisses.

Never the less, picture time


Oh! I met Rajan here.... suprise surprise. I got recruited into his Team Blue Wolf 4~ He's our Daddy 4!

and now meet papa wolf- TJ and Anil...

the funny guy that sings Slap me through the Phone.

After clubbing, at Pure.

I look like crap, i took out my belt and accessories, cause i was so sweaty.

ohh.. did i mention last day of orientation we went clubbing? hehe...

Pure is okie, but crampy and DJ- 30/100. What more can i say? It's malacca.

Haha.. my group are the only freshies that were there. Told you we're a clique. And sha darling broke her clubbing Virginity. Congrates babe. Welcome to fun and tiring and loud, whole new world of clubbing. Kinky, i know.

Durinf orienation, i woke up at 6am everyday and sleep at 3am? 2? Cause of mamak-ing. You know la... new here ma... little bit outing also excited dy.
That is why i look like crap everyday.
And i have i mention.. i have night class till like 10? 10.30pm? There goes my schedule of normality. Dahlah pic ini, all not ready. Crap sial! But i am not afraid to look like crap.. cehhwahh... Haha! truth is: i am.

There is so many pics of the OC malas la aku nak upload lagi kat sini, so pls revert to my FB.

OMG! i cant believe.. i almost forgot to mention Mr. Tupai! He is so freaking cute.... i am not a stalker, just that i just bumped into him from time to time... like today!

And my first day here, first human i spoke to... was mr. Tupai! Also known as amirul. He is so freaking cute... never have i met such man before. Cute and adorable and everything else is so under-rated. Seriously! I would post his piuc here... but.. ohwhta the heck! I shall...

Amirul, if by any micro-byte-moni-micro-chance you're reading this, pls take it as a compliment... cause it seriously is.. right Love? Farah? and other fans? LOL!

i really cant stand his "ahem-ness"... and i don't even know what does this ahem stands for,... it's just the aura he gives. darns.

More updates to come on this
'A whole new World'

and there's an interview for SPB at 9.30pm.
Excitement awaits. *winks.

with love. xoxo~