Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i was given Wine.

Alright. Just came back from Marc's place.. it was an erratic and spooky reason why we decided to make a pitt stop there after mamak-ing.
Thx to Nadz and his spookery-real-ancestors stories etc it made us go wild and freak out after sending him back.
(FYI, his house is situated at the Bandar Diraja where all the Makam Diraja is situated. So u know your facts, no need further elaborations i guess, if you're such a noob; just ask around.)
So i want to use a loo... and perhaps tiny seng wanted a reason to just hang out, we went Marc's place. His mom in the other hand, started talking and elaborating and telling all her own experiences and so on. It was good, something new. At least not like something that is repeated on and on again, like a recording tape.
It was awesome. Scary but still awesome. It's the faith that counts right.
I had fun.
If only i brought my house keys with me. Then, i would be blogging this, hours later. ohwhateverr.. oh! And Marc thx for the wine. I can feel the churns now. LOL!
and Hs, thanks for your car, i had fun speeding like a wacko out there.