Thursday, April 30, 2009


I've never thought that being busy and tired can be so excruciatingly fun. In a way! Ohgawd.... Yes yes... i took up 2 jobs. And it was something that mua wanted to experience and challenge myself with. Daddy was so surprise and irritated at first when i said i wanted the second job. Then again, he can be one hard-core but i can be too. Besides, mom's ok with it.
(coz she don't have to pick me up and send me everywhere, that's why. LOL!)
Anyways, things do get really out of hand when u have your all time-RC in the way and the never ending-shopaholics and kaki movies friends all around. Now, i barely find enough time to sleep if i have to work on two shifts. So please be kind and understanding, NOT to call me too early in the morning. I'll get cranky!
and sorry for not picking up calls ost of the time. And not replying messages lately. haha... Whatever it is, May's coming. His leaving the place. Whose gonna be my adrenalinerush motivating machine now? buuhooo... This suck, my last month, and that's it. I'll be gone.
Though working all day and night can be really lethargic. I guess i will still really miss it once i'm there.