Thursday, January 28, 2010


How did i get it here with you, i'll never know.
This may be my emo session... so people, deal with it. It helps me to get things clear and outta my mind. dear blog, can i tell you that iloveyou? I guess blogs are just one of the awesomess ways to get things outta me. So to whoever out there who is prone to be offended by my words. I won't apologies. Don't like it? Stay away from this page. xx
Honestly, im not the type to get my heart broken, im not the type to get upset and cry. I guess i don't really leave my heart open, i never want relationships to get deep to me. But i guess this time was an exception, my firewall wasn't working. What a bummer!
There's always a time when everyone will go through it in relationship, as in the ones that they really pour their heart to it. Not those hook ups and flings. The time when things get outta hand, and when that time takes place. Damn.. mind is gone, astray from love. this is how i feel...
Did it happen when we first kiss? Or maybe we spent so much time together, and i know that is no more. I shouldn't let you hold on me... cause it is hard for me to let it go. This time is different though.. i may have those break down moments.
But hey,
Life's a bitch and i'm gonna be a better bitch living through it and playing games with it.
I may feel like a victim of it once in a while... but what do you expect out of a girl with a broken heart right??
ps. I never meant to let it get so personal.
and Yes i will be fine.
Dont have to show me pity face and obvious concern when you see me.