Thursday, January 28, 2010


It should have been me and you. It could have been you and me.

Here's a love story i gotta tell, bout this boy i knew so well. Back in the days it was cool and all, other boys i could not see. Now look what happen when i let my firewalls took a day off. Boy you broke my heart when i was there...

Now it's killing me the fact that you're not around. Maybe im falling down. Maybe we need a remedy. Maybe i still need you around. But it's all just a maybe...

All i got now is these photographs, i remember the times when i made me laugh and you did your part as well. But i don't wanna be stuck in the past. I don't wanna lose what we had this far. Here's my heart, you have put it in jeopardy. What a shame... so there goes the past. I know there is no future when i wanna reminisce the past, so here i am... looking forward for a new future without glancing at the past. Not a chance. Its not a very pretty past you see... but i can live with it, in my very own ways, i tell you. So don't tell me how to do it. You know i'm too rebellious to listen.

I know you're a better man, when i was your girl.

It was a betterland when we're in our world.
...BUT ....