Monday, January 25, 2010

masochistic Ride.

ain't nobody better than us.

It's never easy to let go anything that we had planned and been through and start all over again.
But yet, imma see myself in a bigger picture.
Words are easily spoken, actions are the ones that are always left hanging. I can tell my self and talk myself into how i can go through this. Fact is, it is hard but i will not give in to that masochistic felling.
Let's all take a swim~ lol.. so random.

Nobody else can do it quite like i do, all my kisses and my loving... but the thing is-
Just blame yourself cause you blew it, i won't forget how you do it.
i need to freaking stop posting up emo tect. darn! xx


For the record, is my darling suez Birthday! So welcome to the world of being 18 sista! U knw me love you... BearHugs~
Don't you just love her crazinessss??? lol~ we were like the duo during our first-time-going-camping-in-the-wild mate... we've been through ups and downs i tell youuu... Clean each others backside and all.. metaphorically la. LOL!
XX again..