Monday, January 25, 2010

lil late for explanation.

it's funny how someone can be so twisted and mind blastingly cunning when it comes to Lies.

I ain't gonna beat around the bush and make people go confuse, this post is clearly for some guys out there, well.. most guys who thinks that they have to be the macho ones, to show off on front of the crowd, the dominant one ay? Kiss my ass.... you don't stand a chance if you don't make any sense and think immaturely? You got a problem with my statement? Talk to me! I'll give a long and detailed explanation and kill your brain cells on how wrong guys perception can be...

THIS IS MY FREAKING BLOG. And im telling you world, i am not some typical lady that you can control and demand on. You want something, you earn it! just cause im the less masculine one.. u wanna push me around? I'll chop off your two sagging balls you men!

Im sorry for the way i let go, for everything i wanted when you came along.
I never needed you for judgement. Never needed you to be strong. Never needed you to pointed out my wrongs. And most of all, Never needed you to question me.

So ps.- Don't ever think you got a hold on me, ok mate?