Monday, July 13, 2009


I'll be heading home soon! Haha... ok... i might not show that i miss home much but... i really do..My sayang toilet... i'm coming! I miss verny, her birthday's coming some more.
p.s. Suggestions on present?
weeeeeeeeeee....... best part is daddy's coming down to pick me up after his appointment. I cant wait!
I just woke up! haha... eating oats now. I am getting the adipose tissue accumulating man.. they're like parasit in the opposite effect! Fuck.
and Mid term is on the way!
Damn it. It's been long since i actually sit down and some "exams".. it's all coming back to me now. You could put it in the way like: i miss exams. LOL... weird. I know.. im getting kinkier. arghh... and for you ppl out there. Dont worry! For all the fun times im having here... it's balanced out with nerdy moments as well... haha! For real la.. no joke.
(though i admit fun times higher percentage than nerdy times by a lil.. but wth right! lmao.)

You so dont believe me aint you? Fine. You want proof? I give you proof! Take it and gO!~

complimentary to Vidusha. He took this...without me knwing, as always. So screw the messy look. I was really in the aura of studying.
and screw blogger and streamyx.. second time editing this post. damn it! And for that.. i'm eating SUPER RING. FATS. %$#@!