Sunday, July 12, 2009


I so freaking screw things up yesterday. Argh!
i am pist with myself man! Why the fuck did i drank JD and someone smartly gave me effing bir and i took it. Smart i know! thank god i vomitted and was ok... but stil!!! I am pist at myself for doing that, Shite man! I am so through with this. Promises are promises. I'm not suppose to break it...
and now is like wth.. everyone is asking me about it. Newsflash for real man! I told you not to... i told you no. Why must you make me do this shite. And look where am i now?? And you could just blame it on me. I am thru with attitudes. I never got treated that way before. Urgh. I love mo. So what! Things happen then happen la. The best part of it is we don even care by the time the sun rises. No more for me...
i need theraphy.
I need facial.
I need pampering.
I need mani and pedi.
I need my clean water, toilet, bed and everythig else.
I need to go home!