Thursday, April 2, 2009

some shite.

I've never really thought of how my future will hold and turn out to be.. Frankly, it is very much unpleasant and a headache to even work it out. Literally speaking, I'm feeling pretty ominous over this shite.
It's ambivalent when you ask me that question. Everything has it's pros and cons. So what do you do when whatever you do or choose is pretty much the same? And in every humans, what they want now will never (at least 99% won't) turn out to be whatever it's suppose to be, at the first place.
...For all your annoying ramblings...
My answer : I DON'T KNOW!
I heart the word i don't know So Much. It's the only way to escape and it gives and define the kind of answer i want to say.
p.s. I get cranky very fast lately. What the fuck is wrong with me man.