Monday, March 30, 2009


So i've decided.. wait io'm not sure whether it was a decision or not either. Anyway, i'll be attenting KTF this year. Yes yes... i know i know... but yeah. I am.

BTW, Malaysian Red Crescent Society, Klang Chapter is currently on a BIG project- Charity baby, charity. It's called, Humanitarian Project (sorta). So Anyway.., we'll be collecting stuffs. all kinda stuff to comemorate the 10th anniversary of VAD43. ooolalaa....
So if You're charitable, gimme a call. You can donate items from dry goods to stationaries to cash to cheque. Anything at all! (p.s. Except unwanted clothings). We'll be visiting the
Old Folks

So please.. help these people out. Spread the word, just gimme a call.
Or you can email me for Any details @
Or you can even IM me or Facebook me.