Friday, March 27, 2009


So i was on Facebook.
And guess what?? I actually did most of the "test" and then went offline. Ohhmaagooodnesss... I'm so lame and i can't help it. Though i know the test is a cheater, and once in a while i cheat... but wht the heck! It's for the fun of it.
From the test....

In conclusion : I'm vain. Extremely dominant. I'm Edward's love (W00t!). As a human-I'm merely like Bella; the trouble magnet, more like a trouble maker. Let's see... my heart is Pink. I'm passionate but lazy, ironically. LOL! And i'm actually 20 years old, though i'm only 17 years and 6 months and still counting. My disney princess is Belle from beauty and the Beast (gosh, i love that classic disney tales!) though i prefer to be Mulan. Haha!
Whatever man.

I'm off to work! Kiddies waiting. xx~