Sunday, May 2, 2010

found in your embrace.

Despite all the shites and rumours that is going on and the undone assignments and revision thta should be going on, I am still so damn the relax. Taking things slowly and according to my pace. Gawd!!! Can my procrastinating and don't give a shite about what people thinks ever stop? Sometimes, I think that it is my don't care attitude that brings me down... yet it is that severe disease in me that keeps me going and walking down the street with confidence. It's all about juggling the good and the bad, happy and the sad I guess.

All I know is, I don't wanna be caught up in between anything, anyone and everything, Either a yes or no. There is no such things as in between. Like there is no such things like stupid questions, there is just stupid people. Getthawhattaimean? I miss my folks and friends back home.

I miss this bitch. She's my bitch! Hands off ppl!

p.s.- God. Help me in this final semester and get me through all this shites and look after me when I make my decisions. It may not be wise, but I want it to be right. Loves.