Wednesday, April 21, 2010

take me to the Candy shop.

I don't know why my hubbie, Suez wond this phrase. -Loving me is like straightening curls- funny. Seriously... What I'm trying to define here is that.. it is so not easy to love someone like me. Go straighten your curly curl hair and see... how long will it last? I give you 4-5 months Tops! That's what I'm trying to tell here. I am a complicated person who has so many shites and drama taking place in my Life! And the fun fact here is.. I love this life of mine!

this pic i look like an umbede.. but i was having fun baybehh! Love ya priscilla.. dancing partner all night long! Sry kiran, your girl was taken that nite. Huhu.. *i think i need a bf* oops!

When you look at me, tell me what do you see? This is what you get, the way I am! =)