Wednesday, April 14, 2010

before i Love and Leave you.

No point try to hide it and evade it.
If you fall for me, I'm not easy to please, told you from the start.

Ok.. confession time. I have been skipping classes for God knows why and how many frigging times. Time to get back on track!!!! urghh.. i hate myself, sometimes. But still, I love myself for being me me me... not like some morons who always wanna be who people want them to be. Sad case. I have the ultimate example, ex that I left. P_ _ _ _ _. Fill in the blanks! huhu.. anwyays No self respect and personality. Pure loser.. why am I even with him? Prolly he has been trying so hard to camouflage. Urgh.. disgusting.
I just painted my fingers Green.... haha! Awesome party to head tomorrow night! I'm doing it New York style, so no worries folks! Thursday public hols summo.. what more can my perfect night be, besides perfect!

I love my Patrick! dear hubbie, though we tried to leave and divorce and killed each other for 3 times in a row.. i still Heart you! LOL.. renee tan baybehh! I'm going lesbo.

I loveeeee.. piggie backkieee!

Look at my eyes.. window to my soul. So see thru-able kan?