Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lightning don't strike the same place twice

So if you do decide to say Goodbye, make sure you don't regret it and its final.
We're just friends, don't ask me Why. I'm gonna take things very the slow and at my very pace, you know how much of a procrastinater am I right folks? *giggles*
Life is a bitch and imma make things fun. Why paint it in one colour when I can make it colourful right?
Pic above was the 1st time me n von went for flavoured smoke, shisha baybehh... not a big fan of it, but all for the fun of it la huh.. apparently, this twin of mine is loving it! So what the heck... girls night out on a Saturday night! Shisha-s and keep the drink coming la huh... I'll be going back tomorrow anyways, fcuk everything.. get out of my way worries.
Imma do what I want.
*calls for mom and dad!! I'm heading out after dinner.. smiles widely and innocently*