Thursday, March 25, 2010

threw the blame back and forth.

I realised Ne-yo is actually very look-able, he is really one Gentleman that's for sure. God, please let at least one gentleman to pace his footsteps into my life. It's only one? I really need to meet one genuine gentleman. I'm so sick with these sick buffaloes and cows roaming around my life.My sister and I was talking some crap and out of a sudden, so randomly she said something so amusing. I can't recall the exact word, but Imma put it in my way, it's like saying... 'can your conversation stop revolving around guys? Everytime you come back, sure got stories on humans that have testerones.'LOL! So random but I told her- 'its not like i'm desperate in need of one, they just eventually carve a road in my life and walk pass by. But whether they stay or not.. it still depends on me.' Comprendo sist?

Anyways, i am so in love with this song! ANGELS CRY.

I am one who adores and live my life, picturing them through lyrics. So play my games here folks. lol! I can be kinky in a way, but its my way!