Tuesday, December 1, 2009

i fell asleep in a horrible state

then dreamt, you love my best friend.

just fooling ayy

anyway, opinion time! (read above)

my opinion? Read below,. LOL!

1. Needy guys, to me they're just irritating. A pest... you cant have a boyfriend that needs you 24,7. Honestly, the girls should be the needy ones. Thou from my point of view, i hate needy girls. And i don't think i am one. Boyfriend, is just a current relationship that you have no future gurantee on. Yes, u'd probably talk to him about everything and have plans in mere future, but when u're still in your teenage-hood age. You change your mind often on everything. Nothing is permanent. Besides, how can u have a boyfriend who spills everything out to you and telling you their deep-emotional-boy stuffs? Some stuff should be and must be kept secret From the world, even wives have secrets that they don't tell their husbands.

2. Predictable guys, the word predictable is clear enough. BORING! Ok maybe the first few dates are amusing and all. But who wants a boyfriend who is so predictable, you just know where they'll bring you, what they will say in each conversation and arguments. Wth right? Every guys must have a few self-trademarked tricks up their sleeves. If not, kiss goodbye to those hawt girls out there guys.

3. Arrogant guys, ok this species of men, don't respect anyone that HE thinks are lower class or don't fit his type/genre etc. If he doesn't have respect to others, cause he thinks his always the right one, the best; do u ever think he'll respect you as his girlfriend? I don't think so. So girls, if you think your boyfiee has an ego, break that ego bitch first before giving him anything, even a kiss on the cheek!

4. Boorish guys, ok i've never heard of this adjective before. boo.. anyway, i don't think i have any big problem towards boorish guys compared to the other genre of men. Girls, if you have low-self esteem. That is a problem that you should really fix it. Have confidence, why wanna get jealous if your boyfriend looks or even glance at other girls? You know u're better than them already cause you have the guy. Not them. That of course u must be proud of your man la..and to get equal with your guy, look and drool over other guys then. You can even drool over super-hawt charming actors like Edward Cullen, that will already make your guy get crazy. And then, tell them- you can do it, why can't i? LOL..

5. Cheap guy, ok... well not much i can comment here. This depends on the girls side. If the girl are the bitchy-wannabe type. They use their man to possess expensive gifts. So obviously that type of girls will definitely strike you guys out la! But then again, in my opinion.... cheap guys and calculative guys are the same. I honestly hate calculative guys, don't say guys, even girls that are calculative are just irritating and lifeless. Even a few cents are taken into account. These kinda humans shouldn't be classified as humans. Imagine how embarassing would it be to be going out with them? Who would pay the bills after the meals? damn.

6. The arguer, haha! I love talking and debating and being rebellious. So, argumentative guys should be a very interesting one for me. Just because they are hguys doesn't mean they have to be dominant and right at all times k? Girls have their thoughts and saying too! Especially when it comes to me. You give me reason that u must be dominant cause u're they guy and im the girl in the relationship? I will skin you alive for just by thinking that way... try me if you dare.

Anyways all these are just opinions. Don't be judgemental ppl.