Saturday, October 31, 2009

red devil

Horns. Forky-looking titans. Tail that had failed to serve its purpose. Red tube dress. Killer heels.
What comes in your mind??
haha... yuppie yup. Went for Halloween party yesterday, dressed up as a devil. It was okie thou, malaysians are lame. Not all, but majorly, they don't even have the initiative to dress up a little. How la to improve our country's economics and status? All selamba and lazy bumms! Lame.
I had sex on the beach, graveyard, bir bir bir... boringgggg.... But sotb was awesome, all time fav. Now i know why mummy likes Irish whisky. haha!

and yes! I wore a wig... more like extension wig, i had long hair yesterday, a real heads up for my consideration of doing extension. Wicked. Lol!
Pictures at iz's hp, shall upload it soon!

i am so liking the wig-effect.