Friday, October 30, 2009

aint so special after all.

It's over rated to say malaca has the best food in town and all. Okie.... cheap food all around in hawker stalls probably serves some good ones with the price that is very affordable. But other than that, not so afterall.

Daddy drop by malaca just now, to come see me of course! When he's on the way back from Johor, he travels a lot you see.... haha! So, we went out for dinner, there's a few places i recommended... but all doesnt seem to impress him... buuu! LOL... anyways, i got so fed up, besides im not that good when it comes to leading the way and recognising directions and roads. So wth... we ended up in a western food restaurant eating grilled chicken chop and fillet and pasta and everythinf that is common. Damn. I most start roaming all around malaca; not that i dont.... oh well. Shouts: Malaccans out there! Prove to me something... haha!

On the other hand, Halloween Party is tonight! what to wear? what to dress up as????? damn it... can i just dont dress up? Just go as me myself and I. Scary enough righttt???? lmao.

but.. i like this. Sexay aint it? But a lil porn-ish as well. Bummer.