Sunday, September 27, 2009


Ever felt so guilty but you can'r do much about it? Cause there is no turning back, how can you sacrifice something that you're addicted to or attached to by now to someone that you don't really know. But behind all the lies, i know why i 'don't really know' her. There is so many awkwardness going on. She don't give you the chance, even though she said, i wouldn't blame her. It's not her fault, but hun... i know deep inside you really do put the blame on me. I'm sorry for not knowing earlier, if only.... if only..... i would love to have known you and spend time, you know we'll have fun. By any slightest chance, i might want to turn things over. Though that may not make out on where i am today, i am contented. I really do and did miss those stuffs that were skeptically left for months undone. I learnt to cope, i know how it feels. Yet, i am still selfish to do it to someone else. Have a chance on me babe... Tough on the cover, it ain't mean i'm not fragile deep inside. I wanna be mad at times, just really make it like it's a huge issue, but i can't. Cause i know, if it happens- Now what? That question will be pondering.
and honestly, i would rather have known you first than miss Z.
Give me a poker face. Again.
....... ....... ....... ....... .......
Finals starting tomorrow, look at me. Never will i change. I wanna give a damn. I tried.