Monday, September 14, 2009

just one night couldn't be so wrong.


Denez and prabz was the kaki-s.
met: Greg. Jon. Delarie.
Okie,.. it's been long since i've blog. I know... but my time was consumed all this while. Too much fun, too little time im telling you. Malacca is simply awesome. Never knew a small town like this that used to be so lame and boring has drastically changed over time. For good.
Since im heare, it serves the purpose. heee....
Great peers around... what more can i say? lol!
Hahaa... okie. Here's how the whole road trip that was pre planned went.
Left at 2am in the morning.... driver prabz... so not a sober that time, as usual he will con and said im fine. Myself and denez couldn't cxare much, we just wanted our Fun to start! hahahahahaha.... the best part was, we got no idea how we're gonna head to our destination.
Destination Unknown.
to JB but we must use pasir gudang highway or something like that,

denez was with her
.... this place look familiar.....(she says that in every stop)

i was like
we're heading pasir gudang right?? follow the big trucks... go go go....

and prabu sayang was like
....pist and pist.... LOL!
So what we did was.... LOL! Thinking of it now just makes me laugh my ass off ppl.
u wouldn't believe.
I opened and started my gprs thingy and tracking roads and JB to get to denez's aunt's taman jaya ehsan. LOL! and it gave us very precise details.
and there were no more trucks to follow... started asking early morning joggers and all the old old uncle and aunty directions... went all one big round, and still couldn't find the place.
Mr. Greg.. denez's boyfie was so sleepy and probably cant even recalll we called him last night. haha! We were asking questions, he was practically nudging the head over the phone and kept saying...hmmm....hmmmm....hmmmm.... LOL!
So, with our great sense of intuition and driving around like lost souls we finally saw the sign board "Taman Ehsan Jaya". FINALLY.
and the next day.... we just went with the flow, only lousy sign boards and GPRS to lead us to all places. haha!
I've never thought i would be good with directions and recognising roads. I was so frigging proud and felt so damn contented, im telling you.
and in JB, i've met Gregory for the first time,denez boyfieeee; met his utter-cute brother Jonathan and his gf, Delarie.
Sama kepala hang out babe. haha! Went shisha..... and for the first time, i tasted honeydew shisha. HAAhaa
Too much words and grammars, i'll leave it to the pics! Ahhhhh.... delarie and denez. We can upload our shisha pics here, Greg and Jon will never know. Heeee.... hopefully.