Thursday, September 17, 2009

All the way around.

KL! Baybehh....
There is where i headed... woooooh000000000000/...... lol! I had fun thou.... there's a lil complications here and there. It still feels like a road trip thingy, another unexpected plannings that came to reality.
Izue and I just head up to Damansara yesterday, head up there to her sist's jesz place. Settle down, sleep and the very next day.... shopping!!!
and SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!
I have been ravenously craving for it.... hahaa! Total satisfaction for my tummy. yumm!
and guess what???!!!
i just got back! lol... yes yes.... almost 4am.
Well, that's my life here... everything and everyone is still not asleep. It feels like 8pm at night... lol!
Oh well... i'm off to get myself clean up! Pictures coming Soon.