Monday, March 23, 2009


to all humans out there that are so addicted towards gambling,.. i really don't read you. I can't barely understand what is the pulling factor that brings the word - Addiction to your dictionary.
So here's how the story goes, i went gambling with daddy that day(20.03.09). Just right after my working hours.
It was one day, oops! I mean hourssss... before we're heading to Johor to pick up Verny, yes my youngest sister.. she was literally on a road trip with my grandaunt, to Singapore etc. And look how pampered she is- she calls mom and said she don't want to sit train already! Cause, she's afraid to pee when the train is mobile. HAHAHA... but seriously, mom agrees to go all the way to Johor to just bring her back!
Okie.. back to the topic.
and Mind you, that my daddy is a cool guy! LOL... he actually brought us there- "to have some fun".
i was like okie- Let's go!
And there goes my casino virginity.
And all i know is.. the mini casino is smelly with darn cigars and drunken-beer-belly-guys. LOL!
I must say, i was so lost and i don't even know i won when i actually do... so first thing first, drinks and snacks were ordered. Then, we proceed to the "machine"... and it was so lame. You practically press some buttons and there goes your money, and in a quick second- YOU LOSE!
In my case- I WON.. which i don't even know i did untill daddy and Stef started yelling or was it screaming? LOL! Yeah.. my younger sist actually paying attention to what my dad said about- How To See Whether You've Win or LOSE.
So the question is.. how much have i won? Giggles* Okie, i must admit.. i actually have a lil-tiny0bitsy-fun there.. cause i won RM1500.00 COLD HARD CASH. Who won't! LOL! And when we actually won... the crowds, literally Crowds were starting to enter our mini room. And it was even smelly and hectic.
Oh i forgot to mention, yes we were in a private room with 'That machine'. So after a few loose strings... this time me and my sist were selamba-ing pressing the button, and again we got a pot luck of dragons- This time we got RM600.00 in our pockets.
Adrenaline rush was flowing agaiN!
Should have run.... but nooooo... it was too early.
Too early for home when it was already 2pm or so.
Too early to grab the money. pfft!
So there were the big losing moments, then there were the hippy-high-moments. But all in all, when we were having the RN2100 time were gone. But it was all for fun, we ended up having around RM1.5K and hit the road at 3.30pm.
Mommy was at home... waiting and waiting! Haha... dad got into trouble. Not us! Muahahahaa.... it was a fun night afterall.. real fun.
and of course, i get to keep my share! Haha...
In contrast, money is always good. But gambling is just ain't my thing.