Friday, March 20, 2009

definitions definitions...

Alrighto! So you people out there might be wondering all the WH- questions on some under-stated/ over-stated words. Oh trust me... it's not at all. It's English. LOL!
Well, de amour... As most humans that are aware of my existence, know and SHOULD know that i AM very, tenaciously still can't get over my husband, Edward Cullen.

Yes, twilight saga i am so into! Stephenie Meyer is seriosuly like the number one vampire author, move over Anne Rice! Here come's Stephenie.
Guess what, where did darling Edward and Bella come from? A dream. Every story has its source. Not to mention Edward is played by Robert Pattinson *screams*!! Which girl out there won't get mad and all over him... you name me one! LOL! I've never been so crazy over Someone, Some-book, and some-movie like this before...
For the record, i watched Twilight the movie-3 times in a row. Never will i watch a movie more than once... i always get my way, FYI. Haha.. And i get ALL stephenie's SAGA.. a huge complimentary poster! (thx to kene.. hehe...) And my mind blowing and hyperventilating expression whenever Edward name is blown to my uktra-sensitive eardrums. Take that! I was, and still am in love with Edward Cullen. Seriously.

Okie, it's so obvious my headers and even blog ID is all about Him. Lol! I wanna make my blog out of something i really and erratically craze for. Yup! You get my point. But hey.. i don't just anonymously and stupidly use it cause i like the term, it does mean something k! I'm not all blonde people!
Twilight. Besides the definition of a time, it also means something sacred.. or an event that is kept secret and not something for public to be exploit. Alright, in a way blogs are for public... but i'm keeping it to myself. No trashy it all over my IM etc. If literally some humans finds out. Then, it shall be a lil secret society or something. LOL! Whole point is- it's mine! It's not to be exploited and get jammed up.
inexorably hyperventilating- this is literally, dedicated to my dearest, Edward Cullen. (gossh, his name apeared so many times in this post! I like it!) I do hyperventilate (FYI, getting overly excited. An expression) when i talk about him. So there you go, it is something that can't be stopped.. i am his. He is mine.
In a bigger picture, it is generally about my life. People and i hyperventilate when we're overly excited or afraid. Just like in reality... there's no such thing as expressionless, feelingless.. it is all in the mind, it's either a positive or negative adrenaline rush. That's L.I.F.E.
I can't think of any other words that needed my definitions anymore. Haha..
Oh yea! My personal irrevocable machine. The word irrevocable says it all. Hehe...
i love English. It's so rich and utterly definite. There is always the perfect word to express something or someone. But grammar, can really get in the way. LOL!

Isn't him like the sexiest thing ever existed. Oh.. and a vampire. Darn dreamy.

This part, is specially dedicated to all national service goers and returnees.
Play safe and welcome home, respectively. LOL!
Fuzzy and sarah.. have fun! Miss you guys.